Closing the security loop for educational institutions

The Association for Campus protection society of Southern Africa hosted it’s annual conference in PE at the Radisson Blu hotel and conference centre 15 – 18 September 2019.

CAMPROSA is the Campus protection society of Southern Africa, the aim of the professional body is to assist and mentor educational institutions regarding safety and security solutions. With over 24 higher educational institutions as registered members, the association intends to create networking opportunities between different institutions and technology providers by creating a platform where challenges and best practices can be discussed.

“With over 100 attendees converging in one area gave us the ideal opportunity to discuss pertinent issue surrounding campus security” noted John Powell MD of Powell Tronics. According to John through an integrated system that reaches all disparities and breaches in the security loop of the university or college can be resolved. With a number of solutions implemented across educational institutions Powell Tronics’ solution is three fold reaching university Access, Exam fraud and Visitor management.

Access Control

At the conference, Powell Tronics showcased the new MorphoWave Compact, the MorphoWave compact uses frictionless, contactless 3D technology. The MorphoWave compact is designed for areas with high traffic throughputs like university entrances identifying each student without having to stop and place a finger over the sensor. Universities are under increasing pressure to improve security on campuses due the mounting pressure from a number of different stakeholders. When implementing a solution the campus management needs to consider a solution that offers high security without inconveniencing students and staff.

Exam Fraud and attendance

PT-Roll Call is a solution to prevent exam fraud, a mobile solution which identifies students for exam purposes. This mobile solution merges biometric access control with student PT-Roll Call data for prompt and accurate verification of students attending an academic event like an exam. From class room and workshop attendance, exam venue allocation, sport event management, and field trip transportation provisioning. PT-Rollcall offers educational institutions the ability to effectively record student presence using biometric technology as a means to deter fraudulent attendance. Benefits to the university would be live summary of attendance, comprehensive reports and an overview dashboard.

Visitor management

Campuses can enhance visitor management with PT-GUEST which scans and decrypts South African driver’s licences and then seamlessly integrates the data with the Impro IXP400 ImproNet and Portal range of access control system. PT-GUEST is available in multiple formats for visitor entry, including one-time pin (PAC), proximity card issue and biometric enrollment, all conducted at the main gate entry points via portable devices.
Together with scanning in the visitor’s full name and ID number, the scanner also stores a photograph of the visitor on the database, so visual verification is provided. It can also scan all the available information encoded into the vehicle’s licence disk. The full enterprise PT-GUEST solution also has the ability to pre-register guests through either the customer’s intranet or via sms.
Replacing what was traditionally a very manual process which a book was used to log all visitors to the university.

Customised Solutions “Each university has unique requirements which a customised solution can link up, in addition to visitor management (PT-Guest), exam fraud (PT-RollCall) and access control solutions, the company’s portfolio includes intruder detection, video surveillance, intercom solutions, time and attendance. In our experience by using a basket of different products and solutions the security gap can be successfully closed reducing the risk of a security breach creating a secure campus for students and staff.”