Keeping tabs on retail employee time & attendance

Retail employee time management has many challenges, primarily due to the fast-paced environment that is negatively affected by employee downtime. Managing employees and manual time card calculations, coupled with varying pay rates, is time consuming and often frustrating.
According to Powell Tronics CEO, John Powell, whether a retailer has one or 100 locations, web-based time & attendance (T&A) software solution ATOM allows retailers to simplify employee time recording, improve accuracy and increase their business’ efficiency and bottom line, by streamlining the payroll process.
A number of benefits accrue to web enabled time and attendance solutions, including instantaneous, real-time and remote access to time and attendance records for managers and employees using web-enabled laptops, smart phones, PCs, tablets or Macs. Field-based, remote employees can clock in and out by using PCs, tablets or mobile devices with GPS tracking and employees at the main location can use time clocks with proximity badges or biometric fingerprint readers to record their time.
There are significant cost benefits for the retailer, since ATOM is web-based, and there is no need to install software on each computer or maintain servers, thereby saving on IT costs and feature upgrades, along with future product enhancements. Other advantages include eliminated downtime due to local PC failures, as well as minimising of data breaches.
ATOM also ensures compliance with wage and hour laws, eliminates employee time theft, buddy clocking, reduces unauthorised overtime, and delivers accurate and detailed management/owner information of labour hours. Automated scheduled reports are a standard feature, which can be used to highlight staff that have not arrived for their shift at a particular time, giving the retailer the opportunity to reorganise key personal, like cashiers proactively.
Implementing a web-based time and attendance solution like ATOM is also to the benefit of employees. Employees can secure clock-in under 2 seconds at the point of entry or at the employee time clock and human error is eliminated. This will allow staff to move onto the sales floor as quickly as possible. Accurate timekeeping is a further advantage, since reports are generated on a regular basis, indicating the precise normal and overtime hours worked by each employee. This is particularly useful where a retailer employs both full-time and casual staff with multiple shifts.
Fully integrated time and attendance with Safran Morpho biometric terminals; and Impro’s various software suites, allows for the most complex of installations.
“Added to the fact that ATOM enables accurate employee remuneration, this time and attendance tracking tool provides a realistic look at the productivity of each employee and department for better hiring and scheduling. Easy to use, with a very visual interface, ATOM is the perfect way to increase productivity and profitability for retailers. Also, recommended dealer/installer are available nationally,” says Powell.